Friday, January 12, 2007

A Little Snow

I woke up to snow this morning. Didn't stick to the ground or anything, but it was snow. To put this in perspective, I live about 25 miles from downtown Los Angeles. HELLO??? Dude, snow is so uncool, at least in these neck of the woods. It isn't unheard of, though. Tonight we are set to have record-breaking temperatures. We could reach into the 20's. It is going to be a chilly day, the kind Melissa would say was perfect for writing. Also a good day to sit and read a book or play on the Playstation.

I got my Internet fixed all by myself. So that's back to normal. I think my agent and I decided on a title yesterday so my ms will go out next week into the wide world of editors. I'm pretty excited, but I also know I could be looking at a long haul. Submitting is grueling and every submission is different. My last book I submitted to at least 30 agents and a couple of publishers. The process took about two years and after that time, I retired the MS. With this latest book I submitted to maybe five agents and had representation within a couple of months. I'm glad I had the former experience, although it was emotionally draining, it prepared me for the ups and downs ahead.

Took my daughter to the dentist yesterday. She has the worst teeth. I'm one of those people who has near-perfect teeth. Never needed braces and I finally got my first cavity at 38 and I probably won't get another one. My son and my youngest have the same. But the middle one.... Yesterday they drilled on Diva's teeth. They gave her a shot of novacain. Didn't phase her. She's a tough cookie. She better be because she has two more. I did squawk about the fees so they lowered it, deciding maybe she didn't need quite the pulp cap (whatever that is, I just know it was $200). These were on her baby teeth, so I really didn't want her having Cadillac treatment on them.

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