Thursday, July 27, 2006

Blogging Meme

Toni tagged me with this blogging meme:

1. When did you first start blogging and why?

I started blogging in March ’05. I went back through my archives to see why. Apparently it was to complain about my children and my writing. Nothing has changed.

2. What don't you talk about?

Politics, religion, bad things about my husband since he reads my blog occasionally.

3. Are you and your blogging persona the same person?

Umm…tough question. Sometimes yes. I’m darker in person. I also swear a lot and speak like a California valley girl.

4. How do you use blogging to build friendships?

I hate talking on the phone, I want to get off as soon as I get on. But reading blogs makes me absorb and care. I think people are far more eloquent when they right and they are able to really say how they feel. When we talk, we don’t communicate as well, at least I don’t. I’m a much better writer than talker. I’m pretty much addicted and even when I don’t comment, I’ve usually visited once a day those on my blogroll.

5. How would you describe your writing style?

I try to be sharp and witty. I don’t always succeed. I’m not snarky. Snarky is fun but after awhile I find it tiresome. I first started this blog more for writers but like most humans, there is more to me than my writing. I’m a mom and wife as well and I like to blog about those things too. I try to mix up my posts to punctuate writing and motherhood.

Who to tag? ChaCha, Zephra, Teresa and Nienke. If you’ve already been tagged…rats.