Tuesday, July 11, 2006

New Chair

I got a new chair last night. It really doesn't take too much to make me happy. I sit in it all the time whether I'm writing or not. It has been so long since I've sat in a really good chair. This one is just wonderful. It's a task chair but it's pretty cushy. I got it at Office Depot. I had a coupon, making it even sweeter. I haven't done a whole lot of writing today, I was babysitting my two nephews along with my three kids. To prove I am insane, I took all five to the grocery store today. They weren't bad but it was distracting. That didn't mean I didn't sit in my chair.

In an attempt to keep my mind off my new "lifestyle change" as Melissa so elegantly put it, I created a page over at MSN Spaces. I played around with Myspace.com but it is so add heavy, it kind of drove me nuts. My son wanted a webpage so I set him up with a space at MSN. I thought I better get one too so I could get a feel for what he can and can't do. For a young kid, I think it works out nicely. Anyway, here is my page: Pen to Parchment. It is going to be geared to writing. It is easier to change than blogspot however it is also limiting. I like how I can add books and it automatically adds the Amazon link. I can also post my music list with a link to MSN music. I do have a couple of photo albums up there to. The ease in adding photos is great. I tried an MSN Space when they first came out and I wasn't impressed, so I went ahead and went with Blogger. I like my blog, but I like this other page too. Anyway, anything to keep me away from making a big plate of nachos.