Sunday, July 23, 2006

Journey to Coolsville

I did exert some creativity today and worked on a MySpace page. Why? I don’t know, guess I want to be one of the cool people *snort*. Playing with cyber gadgets is a good way of avoiding writing and anything else. It is a huge network, mostly seems geared towards hooking up with a potential date. I already got one man, don’t know what I’d do with another. But it is kind of fun and I already figured out how to customize it although I think I will be too lazy to actually do it myself.

We had a slight break from the heat today. A rainstorm hit for about 20 minutes bringing down the temps…temporarily. But when the clouds disappeared and the sun once again filled the sky, the result was worse than before. It is so muggy. I feel like I’m in the rain forest, without the crocodiles and piranhas.

My motivation has been zip. I’m not writing, I think the heat has fried the circuitry a bit. My son decided to clean my kitchen even offering to wash the dishes (no, he’s not being kind, he wants money). I told him no on the dishes as I have, as you know, issues regarding other people washing my dishes. Anyway, it has been an odd day all around. I’m really hoping we have a break in the heat soon.

One Other Thing....

Anyone interested in doing a Blog Carnival on the topic of romance writing? I think it would be kind of fun.