Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Kaleidescope of Topics

The blogs have been quiet lately. Many of my blogging buddies are partying it up in Atlanta, others have company and still some are just taking the summer off.

In other words, they have lives outside their Internet connection. Sigh…must be nice. My mind is not focusing as sharply as it should, I’m saving it for my writing (snort). I’m sure it has nothing to do with my entrapment in this house and the three ogres sent to torture me. I need to get a “back to school” countdown for my sidebar.

I’m cranking out the pages pretty well. The story I’m working on is filled with action and several secondary characters. I’m not one for a whole pantheon of characters but this is more of a journey story and the heroine needs these people to accomplish her ends.

My TBR pile is growing but I’m stuck reading a non-fiction book (the one on my sidebar). It really is interesting but doesn’t have the pacing of, say, Dean Koontz or J.D. Robb. Heck, it doesn’t have the pacing of Dr. Seuss. But it is a scholarly work and it meant to educate rather than entertain. Big difference. I’ve a story in mind and the book is my primary research source so I’m also taking my time and trying to absorb. I could read a novel on the side, but I know it would take me that much longer to read this book and considering how much it cost me, I need to read it. I’ll do a review of the book when I’m done over at Age of Enlightenment.

The Heat
This is the first day in over a week I haven’t received a heat advisory. It doesn’t look like we will crack 100 today. I can deal with 95 but not 105.

We are being overwhelmed by hummingbirds. I’m making nectar everyday to keep up with the demand. I have 4 feeders although I had to take one down yesterday because of ants. I love watching them, we have several varieties. But they are so aggressive, they fight each other constantly and woe to the human who ventures into their realm. They dive bomb you.

It looks like we are going to go on vacation but not until the end of September. Yeah, the kids will be in school but I think it is conference week so they are having short days anyway. The teachers are pretty accommodating and they will send homework with the kids. I’m pretty sure we will be going to the Big Island although Maui is still an option.

Well, that’s what’s new in my world. Not particularly fascinating, but at least I’m getting this nonsensical stuff out of my system. I’m also working on the details of the blog carnival and I should have a post up about that this weekend.