Sunday, July 02, 2006

A Whole Lot of Nothin'

Talk about unproductive. My most ambitious act this weekend was going to my chapter meeting. Oh, and re-doing my blog. I think I'm pretty much done with the tinkering. Thanks to those who commented and pointed things out, I think I fixed those. I'm not real wild about it, but I think I'll keep it through the summer. I'd like to do one in fall colors, maybe a Halloween one. Anyway, it's the words of wisdom I spout which is important, right? *VBG*

We did take the three demons to two different Target stores. Talk about stupid. It went as you can imagine. The Diva has been a royal pain. She has given obnoxious a new meaning. Her sister isn't far behind. Hubby is taking this as a 4 day weekend so that has been nice. He doesn't have any major projects keeping him outside so we've been hanging around together.

Didn't do any writing today although I had tons of time. My mind has been a bit fuzzy. I think the 105 degree temps have zapped any ambition from me. Hubby is going to Office Depot tomorrow to get me a new chair. Maybe that will get me going.

Because I'm insane, I'm taking the kids to IHOP for breakfast tomorrow. They are having their "Funnel Cake Carnival" and the kids would cut off their limbs for funnel cake. Frankly, I would too.