Monday, July 10, 2006

A Very, Tiny, Itsy Bitsy Cheese with that Whine

Took the weekend off from the ol' blogosphere to interact with my family. Glad its Monday and got that over with.

Went to the doctor this morning for a checkup and get the results of my blood tests. The good news was that I'm not diabetic and I'm not showing any signs of going diabetic. I was pretty concerned with this because of my last two pregnancies. However, my cholesterol was 220 and my good cholesterol was low and the bad cholesterol was high. Yeah, my life is blown now. I love cheese and I cook in butter, lots of butter. His biggest concern is that I lose weight. You need an M.D. to figure that out? we will be going back to the "food that sucks" lifestyle. I also have to move going to the gym up the priority scale. How come diet and exercise is so necessary? Why can't sitting on the couch, surfing the web and eating bon bons be good for you?

I've set myself a goal of writing 5 pages a day. That's pretty ambitious for me. But this will be a week of ambition in both lifestyle and writing. So far I've eaten Lean Cuisine and toast and I've written four pages. So far so good, but its only Monday.