Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Writing Post

Well, golly, I haven't talked much about writing mainly because I haven't been doing too much of it. I've been working on my historical and it is boring. The writing is good, descriptive, good dialogue, but *snore*. I've started in the wrong spot. If I start my story in the wrong spot, it throws me off the entire way. I started this story in a passive scene, the beginning of an action rather than in the middle and it has set the pattern for the rest of the story. So I need to start again.

I'm doing better on the contemporary paranormal because I started in the middle of a scene. I bring myself and my readers into a tension-filled moment. The heroine is not happy and she is immediately thrown into a situation she doesn't like and of course it can only get worse. The historical starts with the heroine watching something, she is irritated but lacks the tension to get her going. I've realized that she isn't the one suffering at the beginning, it is the hero and therefore he needs to start the story.

I usually figure these things out, I just wish I could do it in the first 5 pages rather than the first 30 pages. Do any of you suffer this same malaise?

And for a totally different topic.....

This time of year seems to see a snowfall of little red clearance stickers at Target. I traditionally start my Christmas shopping this month because of the deals at my favorite store.